England 10-Day Metal Detecting Tour

Spring 2021 England:
where: Essex County England
when: February 13-23 (10 days detecting)
cost: $2750 per 1 spot
spots: 2
includes: lodging, breakfasts and lunches, two evening meals, hunt / export fees and ground transportation

This is a good time of year to go as the majority of the plowed fields are in great hunting condition with little or no crop or stubble. We have access to literally thousands of acres of very historic land and over the years I have assembled a large database of GPS findspots where significant finds and hoards have been made. We will be among the first on these fields for the Spring 2021 season. Let me know if you have any questions.

(Pictured are my three best finds from the England History Hunt this past November - the other members of the team did well also. top coin is 1579 Elizabeth I sixpence, bottom left is a 1762 gold quarter guinea made into a love token, and bottom right is a 2000+ year old Roman silver denarius from the reign of Augustus Caesar!)

Available Spots: 2