Information about Digging Hub


Welcome to DiggingHub!

Looking for fun outings like metal detecting, relic hunting, prospecting, ancient artifact digging and other related experiences? Or maybe you're interested in making money by taking people on these types of outings? 

DiggingHub is an online marketplace for booking and listing these adventures. Our goal is to connect hosts with folks who want to get out and find what they're looking for--especially if it's buried in dirt.   

DiggingHub is free to join and gets members access to sign up for many different outings in the US and and abroad. Plus, when you list outings, booking is easy and secure. 

How to Get Started as a Host

Getting started and listing your first hunt is easy. Check out this step-by-step tutorial and an instructional video to get going: 

1. Sign up as a member (use your email account and verify your address when prompted)
2. Click the top right red button to "Host an outing"
3. Pick a category
4. Enter the details (start with the first date; exact locations will not be revealed)
5. Add photos
6. Post your event. It will go live on DiggingHub after review.
7. Make sure to set up and connect a PayPal account (see instructional video for details)

Why use DiggingHub? 

  • Security and Trust of an established parent company: History Hunts. All listings are reviewed by DiggingHub before they are published

  • Build Your Reputation as a host: In this hobby, reputation is everything. Using DiggingHub to promote your hunts and conduct transactions includes the use of our review system. Great service yields strong reviews and word of mouth is very important. Over the past 10+ years we have established a very large base of interested diggers. 

  • It's simple and secure: For hosts, that means easy listings, bookings, and fee collections. For attendees, finding and signing up for outings in one place instead of through different websites and vendors. 

  • Low commission: The small fee collected from each outing (15%) covers the cost of providing this service. History Hunts is a family-owned and operated business. We created DiggingHub  as a way for others to share their knowledge of these great pastimes as much as we have over the years. We love sharing this hobby and want to make that easy for others. If you have an authentic experience to offer, we would love to connect you with our community.