Gtsdigs hogeye Clovis site digging

UPDATED Our home base and original dig site is a little 4.3 acre sand hill in Elgin tx We now have 43.2 acres with 2 creek's and 2 huge sand hills that both have a huge potential for finding anything from bird points to paleo! Our new site is the actual Hogeye Clovis cache site! And there is plenty of untouched blow sand still holding some incredible artifacts!

We operate most weekends and sometimes during the week (Fridays) as well if we can fill enough spots or if a decent sized group requests possibly even some night digs if enough people are interested in those. You can me Gene Tolbert on Facebook or at this number... Spots are $250 per adult for a full day. Digs generally run 8-5 with an hour for a lunch break.
You’ll want a canopy to keep the sun or rain off your back. Gloves for sure. The rubber palm knitted gloves work best and they are cheap. Bring any drinks or food you want. Any tools you may want for moving the dirt across the table. A lot of people use shrimp rakes or trowels or garden tools. Hat sunglasses camera sun screen. We are always looking for new land lease opportunities and are always expected to check out possible Camp sites all around Texas so if you or anyone you know have land with any natural water resources on them there is a pretty good chance you are sitting one a camp site as old as 13 THOUSAND YEARS OLD! OR OLDER! CONTACT US NOW FOR A FREE LAND CONSULTATION!

Available Spots: 14