Mississippi Civil War Group Metal Detecting Hunt September 2020

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What: Civil War Metal Detecting Outing
When: September 24-26, 2020
Where: Mississippi (closest major city is Jackson)
How Long: 3 Days
How Many Spots Left: 0
Fees: $675 per person (meals and lodging not included)
Conditions: 2000+ acres of mostly woods with confirmed Civil War history - campsites, skirmishes, etc.

First of all a disclaimer. The timing of this hunt is due to us having to get this done before the gun hunting seasons get too close. That said it will be hot and anyone that signs up will need to take precautions against the heat and things that come with it. Some of these being insects and snakes. Its a very large tract so a compass will be a good idea also.

Grant, my assistant, has scouted a small portion of this property personally and the results were good. The research supports there having been more than one Civil War camp on this property as well as skirmishes. So, if you are a hardcore relic hunter and would like to join us on this adventure, sign up here. The team will consist of only 6 hunters.

Available Spots: 0